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[art of game] Art of War - 2006-07
Documentary war footage from the heart of Stockholm
- war games beyond the video screen.

Armchair, three shots - Oct 2008
A shot-up armchair, TV playing endlessly and traces of a person
Third Inverse Forensics piece,
Severed Hand - Aug 2007
A waxwork of the artist's hand
severed in the position of holding a computer mouse.
Inverse Forensics - Aug 2007
Videogame performance with dancer Mira Mutka plus a severed hand and 3 litres of stage blood - part of Game Art

The White Room - Oct-Nov 2004
In-game photoshoot for the group show 'House in the Middle' curated by Gordon MacDonald for Photoworks.

Evidencia #001 - Sept-Oct 2004
Installation and photo prints that play on a hybrid space - part crime scene, part video game space made real...
Evidencia #000 - Jun-Jul 2003 (2004)
Game level made real or bloody crime scene? The prequel to the Evidencia series of artworks.
Warning very bloody!
Backseat Playground - 2004 - ongoing
Mobile games research project at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm
Embedded Games - 2004 - ongoing
Exploring the possibilities of embedding digital gaming within the everyday
Urban Tapestries - 2002 -2004
founding member of the urban tapestries research team - public authoring project.
Condition Red - August 2004-
3D FPS game for the ISEA ferry in the Baltic Sea. You have three minutes to blow up the ferry...
Skybox #001 - June 2003
Skybox taken from Staying in to Play and exhibited at the Variablemedia VM.01 group show..
Staying in to Play - June 2003
90 day 3D online game rsidency that was updated daily at variablemedia.org.
Lone Wolf - 2002
Alpha demo of 3D First Person Shooter game project set in 80s East Germany
Digital Games - Ongoing
here are all my online games and a few of the better shockwave projects from 1998 onwards
Beard for Peace - 2003
my personal protest for peace in Iraq - a refusal to shave until the war is over.
This Side of Infinity - 2002
interactive work for the Gordon MacDonald show 'It's Wrong to Wish on Space Hardware' .
ICOLS - [my page] - Ongoing
International Corp. of Lost Structures - group of artists from around the globe who regularly contribute.