Thea & Faye at the Yat
- featuring John
23rd-25th July 2004



I am fortunate to be the father of 2 wonderful girls - Thea, who is 10 and Faye who is 8. As it happens, neither of them have been camping under canvas... or paddling!!! As dedicated kayakers, Louisa and I thought it was about time to introduce the girls to the great outdoors and what better place than Symonds Yat. So last weekend, we journeyed into the wilds of the Wye valley, pitched our tents by a very lazy river and hired two canadian canoes for a 9 mile paddle from Kerne Bridge down river to the Yat. What a wonderful day, the girls were completely at home on the water, took 'Ghenghis' the resident homicidal swan in their stride and with 3 miles to go, took off by themselves in one of the canadians. With delighted shrieks of 'paddle....no steer...no paddle', infectious giggling and more than a few encounters with the river bank (and an immense pile of cow dung!), the girls found their water legs. (the pictures from the canoe trip are still at the processors).





On Friday evening, just as we were making dinner, a couple of the guys from the site went out on the water for a paddle - here are a few shots of John pulling some great moves in his shiny new S6-X. If you cant find any white water, make your own...






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