A John Paul Bichard game.

You can play the demo by clicking here or click on the logo (400k)

It is intended that Harbour lights will be developed into
a mission based search and rescue game featuring great SFX.
and dramatic weather conditions.

In the meantime it is an open environment to explore.

All logos and liveries are copyright the respective companies.

Harbour Lights requires the Shockwave8.5 plug-in
you can download it by clicking here.
If you are having problems installing shockwave 8.5 you can
remove your old version using the uninstaller(PC) here.
then re-install by clicking here.

Best Viewed at 1024x768 on Explorer or Navigator version 4+
Mac or PC with a 3D graphics card @ 32 bit colour
(Powerbooks or non accelerated machines use 16 bit colour)
Any comments or problems - email mehere

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